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Discover Cre8 Products in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa! 

Unveiling eco-solutions for a brighter future, Cre8 is more than a company—it's a movement! 

Step into their buzzing headquarters, where innovation meets passion, housing a team of eco-warriors. 

Dive into their refill revolution with eco-friendly cleaning supplies and catering essentials, transforming mundane chores into eco-adventures.  Picture a world where every bottle tells a tale of sustainability. With Cre8, it's not just a dream—it's reality. From elegant catering to practical lanterns, they craft magic for everyday life. 

Join the journey towards a greener tomorrow with Cre8 Products Online!

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Why Choose Us?

When it comes to finding the right supplier for your hygiene, outdoor, load shedding, or catering needs, there are many options out there. But what sets us apart from the rest? Our professional team is dedicated to helping our customers find the best solutions for their problems, and we are committed to stability in all aspects of our business.

Since 2015, we have been providing high-quality products at an affordable price, with friendly and knowledgeable support. Our online shopping platform offers convenience, security, and a 14-day right of return with no risk. We also offer fast processing and delivery nationwide, and even allow for collection of orders.

With a constantly growing assortment of products that are locally produced and of equal quality to well-known brands, we strive to offer everything our customers need from a single supplier. Our secure and fast payment system ensures that transactions are easy and clear, with no delays at checkout.

Choose us for the best supply solutions and customer support in the industry, and experience the benefits of shopping with a trusted and reliable supplier.

It's important to note that, at present, we do not have a VAT number

Very competent and reliable supplier with constantly excellent product quality & fair prices. The support is exemplary.

Rockafellas / Golden Horse Casino
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Great service, very reasonable prices for products of such quality!

Hambling Catering
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Product quality is top-notch. Shipping is fast. Customer service is AMAZING. I honestly can’t recommend them enough.
Victoria Golf Club / Dunranch
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Lovely products. Great price and fast delivery. No hassle shopping. I will definitely be coming back.

Willowton Meats
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

About Us

Ralf Steinhoff


Cre8 Products offers high-quality Odourless Chafing Gel fuel, Braai Starter Gel Fuel, cleaning agents, paper products, outdoor and braai essentials, skin-friendly hand sanitizers, and load shedding goods. We also provide most products in bulk sizes of 20L and 25L. New: all 20L and 25L containers can be ordered as refills at a reduced price, allowing you to operate more cost-effectively by reducing waste and utilizing refills.



Head Office

115 Globe Road, Scottsville Extension 3201 Pietermaritzburg

Telephone support hours:

Monday – Friday

8.00 to 16.30

Saturday Closed

Sunday and Public holidays closed